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Adding a Photo

If you have a digital camera or scanner, you can
Place a photo of your item in your Ad.

After you have your photo in .jpg format on your machine,
follow the instructions below to place it in your Ad.

Note: Image files must be in .jpg format and
no larger than 500x300 pixels in size

At the bottom of the Ad form, click the blue "Upload Photo" button

Click the "Browse" button to get your image file.
(Photo must be in .jpg format)

Locate the photo on your machine, select it and click "Open"

Click the "Upload" button and your file will start uploading to the server.
(This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed)

Once the upload is complete, your file is renamed for use with KMAeShop. Click the Insert Photo Button to place the new file in your ad.

The new filename of your photo is automatically inserted into the form. 

That's all there is to it!-
Once your ad is posted, a camera icon will appear next to the Title.
Users click on the camera to view your photo.


Note: Your photo must be in .jpg format.


You pay only 99¢. If the goal or objective of your ad is not realized within 7 days your ad will be removed or you may request that it be removed at any time. 

With KMAeShop.com you pay only .99¢. You locate the item you are seeking,  your event is successful, you are successful at hiring an employee, you find a job, etc. Our fee is very competitive and fair, considering the time and money spent in development, ongoing management and advertising.  We provide you with a forum to accomplish whatever your goal is.


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